coldy gc has hired the first robot concierge
Coldy GC has hired the first robot concierge

In March 2019, the property management company of the concept loft Loftec by Coldy completed testing the first robot concierge, custom made for the most technologically advanced loft complex in Moscow.

The unique robot concierge successfully passed the “testing time” and perfectly “settled down” in the lobby of the building that is actively being populated in the Baumansky district of Moscow.

The robot, which combines the functions of a security guard, concierge and staff member of the management company, has established itself as an effective tool for communicating with residents and guests of the innovative complex.

The job duties list of the robot named LOFTBOT includes the daily greeting of visitors, handing-out of pass cards using the database, a code or a passport after verifying the authenticity of the document in the installed scanner.


The ultra-modern robot concierge is not only interactive, but also educable: LOFTBOT easily remembers birthdays, tastes and preferences of property owners’ family members. A face identification system helps the robot to “recognize” the visitors, and a microphone system helps it conduct a dialogue in the R2C format (Robot-to-Client). LOFTBOT can call the security desk or the management company, send a personal message to a property owner in the complex. The robot’s body has an interactive liquid crystal display that shows additional information.

The “smart” machine with exclusive software does not stand still: a mobile platform with ultrasonic sensors to “bypass” obstacles allows it to move around the entire area of ​​the multi-functional concept loft’s lobby that combines a coffee shop with coworking.

LOFTBOT is always ready to help in solving everyday issues, support a conversation, report news, provide information about traffic jams or weather. It takes the robot only two seconds to give an answer.

In the near future, the robot will “learn” the English language, and the host of functions will be complemented with personal accounts with which owners will be able to pay for utility services and prepare applications for the management company.

LOFTBOT is able to improvise, joke, sing and even dance, so the robot often becomes a selfie object and an entertainment to children.

The product of the Perm robotics company Promobot is part of the ‘smart home’ system integrated into the Loftec project. Thanks to a global system that integrates all engineering systems and services into a single information center, each loft owner in the complex will be able to control home security using a mobile application, monitor the state of communications, manage household appliances, lights, and adjust the climate.

Representatives of the “thumb” generation, who keep hold of their smartphones, are waiting for alternative solutions and services. Therefore, the complex provides wireless chargers, as well as electric car chargers.