in loftec the shooting of the film "she" directed by maria agranovich took place
In LOFTEC the shooting of the film "She" directed by Maria Agranovich took place
On May 6 in the concept-loft LOFTEC the film "She" of the young director Maria Agranovich was shot. The film tells about the heroine of our time, whose character is revealed in a very nontrivial way. The script writer keeps the viewer in suspense until the very end: who is she, the main heroine of the picture, a hero or an antihero, a swindler or just an intelligent woman who knows how to use all the possibilities?

The main characters of the film "She" are young modern people who are trying to take everything from life. But for some it means a maximum of benefit, and for others - a search for a real feeling. The film features young artists Alena Mikhailova, Alexander Kuznetsov, Alexander Tronov. Also in the film, People's Artist of the Russian Federation Sergei Garmash is removed, who plays the role of a wealthy publisher, whom the main character wants to use for his own purposes.

"Those objects that builds" Coldie "embody the spirit of modernity, the dynamics of today, - the brand-manager of the Loftec project, Zvyagintsev Michael. - We already had experience of cooperation with cinematographers: in the KleinHouse complex the director Cyril Pletnev shot scenes of his picture "Ideal". And we are very happy that we again took a film crew on our territory. "

The director of the painting "She" is Maria Agranovich. Since 2005, she works in film as a screenwriter, director and actress, is currently filming her first full-length film. The film is filmed with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, it is planned that on the screens the film "She" will be released in mid-2019.


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